Transportation Planning

W-Trans provides transportation planning services that emphasize mobility within available resources and help transform streets to serve all potential users. We are particularly skilled in retrofitting streets and roads to make walking, bicycling and transit use safer and more convenient while also appropriately managing vehicle traffic.  W-Trans’ strength and focus are on balancing the technical needs and functionality of traffic with the desire of communities to create more livable streets and sustainable transportation systems. This work is evident in our transportation planning practice, which combines our staff skills in planning, operations and design related experience with a balanced approach that includes consideration of both ‘traditional’ traffic engineering skills such as those applied in context sensitive projects that address all modes while incorporating ‘non-traditional’ facilities such as roundabouts and traffic calming elements.


W-Trans provides transportation planning services on projects including:

  • Complete Streets

  • Pedestrian Safety and Design

  • Bicycle Facilities

  • Safe Routes to School

  • Municipal Staff Services

  • Traffic Calming

  • Parking

  • Transportation Demand Management (TDM)