Traffic Engineering

W-Trans staff have applied their skills to a variety of traffic engineering projects ranging from traffic impact analyses and traffic operation analyses to safety analysis and traffic collision reduction programs,. We take a holistic approach to traffic engineering, realizing that solutions cannot be developed in a vacuum or strictly follow the standards of the past. Traffic engineering analysis must be sensitive to the context of the surrounding land use and community goals to be successful.


We have authored traffic impact studies for a wide variety of land development projects located throughout Northern California, including a growing number of mixed-use and transit-oriented projects. We seek to recommend mitigation measures that benefit all transportation modes in order to meet performance standards, reduce conflicts, improve safety, address project access conditions, and/or create an appropriate internal circulation scheme.


W-Trans staff has performed literally hundreds of traffic operation studies, including both those that are based on additional demand associated with proposed development as well as specialized analyses conducted for intersections and corridors. We use the latest methodologies and most current software, and apply standards that are appropriate for the size and type of community. Our traffic operational studies can take many forms and address a wide variety of traffic engineering issues including:

  • Intersection and corridor vehicle performance

  • Traffic control warrants

  • Intersection and corridor simulation

  • Vehicle conflict reduction and safety studies

  • Intersection and corridor capacity analysis

  • Access management

  • Interchange operations

  • Traffic signal interconnect and coordination

  • Traffic operation review for environmental studies (CEQA/NEPA)

  • Traffic Impact Studies