Mary Jo Yung

Mary-JoMary Jo Yung is a Senior Engineer, provides staff services, and specializes in active transportation operation and design.  She is registered in California as a Civil Engineer and a Traffic Engineer.  


Mary Jo Yung obtained her B.S. in Civil Engineering from University of Michigan in 1981. She began her career in the Bay Area as an Assistant Engineer for the City of Newark, followed by civil engineering design and plan review work in the private sector before returning to the public sector for 15 years with the City of Santa Rosa and County of Sonoma.  Joining W-Trans in 2006, Mary Jo continued her focus on serving the public as a consulting traffic engineer to local municipalities. In this role she collaborates with staff in public works, public safety, and community development departments to develop and operate safe and efficient street networks and neighborhoods. She also works directly with residents and merchants resolving their traffic concerns collaboratively.



With the dynamic nature of traffic and the wide-ranging demands that can naturally occur in most communities, Mary Jo’s day-to-day work requires applying a broad range of traffic engineering skills and knowledge: she programs traffic signals, responds to traffic inquiries raised by citizens and other community members, assists with developing enforceable speed limits, aids in creating and administering public improvement contracts, works with Safe Routes to School task forces and Bicycle & Pedestrian Advisory Committees, holds neighborhood meetings, and presents to council members, supervisors, and planning commissioners.