Brian Canepa

Brian Canepa is a Principal specializing in innovative parking and Transportation Demand Management (TDM) plans designed to promote prudent sustainability and maximize available resources. His work ranges from developing programs to reduce traffic and parking impacts to shared parking and financial modeling with a special emphasis on academic campuses.


Brian brings years of experience in developing countless parking and TDM plans for a wide range of clients including public, private, and non-profit entities as well as many academic campuses. His efforts have produced quantifiable traffic reductions and implementable shared parking and TDM plans. Brian’s approach to transportation planning is a blend of technical expertise and stakeholder engagement. He has a distinct ability to engage key stakeholders and community members and effectively communicate complex technical material in straightforward terms to highlight inherent trade-offs and potential outcomes. The resulting transportation plans produce traffic reductions, parking management, and other products strongly endorsed by community members and participants.