About Us – Traffic Engineering Consultants



Since 1995 W-Trans has provided traffic engineering and transportation planning services that are inclusive and encompass the mobility needs of all potential users.  We are particularly skilled in retrofitting existing streets and roads to make walking, bicycling and transit use safer and more convenient while also appropriately managing vehicle traffic.  Our staff have honed their skills through experience on a variety of projects ranging from complete street corridors, streetscape improvements, traffic impact analysis, downtown revitalization, circulation elements, and area plans to designing transportation facilities such as  traffic signals, roundabouts, bike facilities and pedestrian crossing enhancements to traffic safety and traffic signal operations.  We take a holistic approach to traffic engineering, realizing that solutions must be more creative and rely on standards that are continuously evolving.  Such efforts must be sensitive to the context of the surrounding land use and community goals to be successful.  Our strength and focus are on balancing the technical needs and functionality of traffic with the desire of communities to create more livable streets and sustainable transportation systems.