W-Trans: California Traffic Engineering Consultants

“Balancing the technical needs and functionality of traffic with the desire of communities to create more livable streets and sustainable transportation systems.”


W-Trans provides transportation planning services that emphasize mobility within available resources and help transform streets to serve all potential users. We are particularly skilled in retrofitting streets and roads to make walking, bicycling and transit use safer and more convenient while also appropriately managing vehicle traffic.  W-Trans’ strength and focus are on balancing the technical needs and functionality… READ MORE


W-Trans staff have applied their skills to a variety of traffic engineering projects ranging from traffic impact analyses and traffic operation analyses to safety analysis and traffic collision reduction programs,. We take a holistic approach to traffic engineering, realizing that solutions cannot be developed in a vacuum or strictly follow the standards of the past. Traffic engineering… READ MORE


W-Trans offers a full range of services related to transportation design, operation and maintenance of transportation facilities. The design staff at W-Trans include a rare mix of young engineers who were educated on recent technology, senior engineers with many years of design and construction management experience, and hands-on traffic signal technician expertise. READ MORE